Thursday, November 10, 2011


BEST AND WORST hair do's from last night!!

how can you not love Carrie!! I have such a girl crush on her!! she is such a doll always!! and always looks stunning!! i love the softness of her hair in this pic!!LOVE
Laura Bell Bundy got the hair right but the outfit is a whole different story! YIKES! but i love the middle part of the hair and the pretty curls ;)
Jennifer Nettles oh how I loved your hair last night!! this pic doesn't do it justice but i was in LOVE last night with it....just soft and pinned back with a few pieces around the face and side swept bang! Nicely done!
Lauren Alaina Oh how i love your long locks!! i love the rocker'ish' vibe of your hair very pretty but yet fun! ps. lookin good with the 25 pound drop!

K On to the NOT sooo FAB hair of the night!!

sorry Faith i just cant dig the 80 ish straight back PUFF of a do!! eekk! She has to much clothes on to have her hair down as is!! 
ummm serious LeAnn!? it looks like she let her hair air dry ...maybe in the car on the way to the awards..(not sure) then just carelessly threw it up in a clip (eeek) i think lazy when i look at her hair!!
Kellie Kellie!! what in the WORLD where you thinking!? it looks like you had a perm that took a wrong turn!! TOO big and frizzyish! not a fan sorry dear!

Happy Thursday Everyone!! one more day till the weekend!! YAY!!

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