Tuesday, November 8, 2011

OK folks! Lets get honest!!.....sometimes (most the time ;)) we like to be a lil' lazzzzy when it comes to our hair! But i'm all for it when it turns out as good as this!

KKKK!! so heres the DEAL! PRODUCTS. PRODUCTS. PRODUCTS.  my friends!! After I shaped up her lovely locks(were growing it out) i applied THIS AMAZING GOODNESS!

well because DUH!,  we wanted big sexy hair/volume!! I applied this to he scalp on the sides and in the crow area before drying along side this lovely product (love this for a great blow out!!)
i love this product it gives great volume through out the hair and lets you control where you want your hair to go...so in Tina's case i wanted lots of volume and the front of her hair to flow back naturally after her hair was dry...so i "power" dried her hair "a mess all over style" then pushed the fronts away from her face with my hands....once her hair was dried i grabbed this bad boy....
this is a hot tools curling iron size 3/4 inch any curling iron brand will do but stay close to the 3/4 size because she has shorter hair and we wanted to see the curls in her hair and the smaller the curling iron the smaller the curl (plus i wanted to tame down some of the "volume" its not the 80's anymore) K!! so i just took about 2 inch sections and curled each side away from her face all the way till it met in the back......super easy to do!!...then finished with a little hairspray
annnd sprayed this all over for a light finish spray considering she already had 'Blown away" in her hair that would be enough to hold her "curls" in from the curling iron!...and 

She has a new look that really took no time at all!! 20-30 mins!! Perfect to play up a short do!!! ALL you "shorties" out there try this out!

PS...that's her natural hair color!!  she a lucky lady!

Happy Styling!!!!
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