Monday, December 26, 2011

my new LOVE!

oh always come to soon!!! ;(   I hope everyone had a FAB holiday filled with family and friends!!!I know i did! ;)

So lets get right down to the reason of this post!! one word NAKED!! I absolutely love this palette by Urban Decay!   If you're anything like have 50 eye shadows.... but it feels more like 5!! Reason being I tend to stick to my favs, my go toos and over look all my fun bright, out of the norm colors!!! So i figured I better start asking/getting more eyeshadows i would actually use/wear instead of just collecting them....ya know!! when I told the hubs I wanted this for Xmas I was more than surprised that he remember let alone got it for me!!! (hehe he's the best)

the reason I'm sharing is because I love it more than i thought!! I'm all about the neutrals in this palette! So if you need some new eye shadows but cant narrow if quite down to just one....pick up this bad boy...and play around with all these fun colors!!! They all are AMAZE!!!!! and i love!!


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