Thursday, December 1, 2011

rainy day styles

So considering our forecast for the next 2 days is .....RAIN RAIN and more RAIN!!...I figured this post would be more than helpful !! I love nothing more than a good ol' rainy day curled up on the couch. stuffing my face with "not so healthy" goodies. wrapped up in my most comfiest blanket. sipping away on my delicious hot chocolate! watching endless episodes of sex in the city drooling over CB wardrobe!! ....oh how a girl can dream of doing this i right!! But in reality we all have Jobs, Errands to run, Places to go and People to see! Soooo here are some easy and simple hair dos that will have you looking fierce despite the wet/humid days to come!!! ENJOY! 
PS. Happy December!!

There is always 1 of 2 options when it comes to your hair on a rainy day!! FIGHT it or EMBRACE it!!
Embracing it would be to work with the humidity and wetness to create a more full "wavy/scrunch" look what you will need to create this of these, this product will create a soft scrunch/wave look to your hair that will be accepting to the few drops of rain it might in tell through out the day and open to the humidity.  Spray this all over dry hair. scrunch and your set!! you can always add a few curls if you want to the front pieces of  your hair to make it look like a more finished look!! GOOD LUCK!

 Redken wool shake
bumble and bumble surf spray
hot tools 1/2 inch curling iron

or you can FIGHT it like i said earlier!! this look is simple yet classy...what you need is pictured below....pull your hair into a high messy pony/bun and spray with some hair spray and slide the head band on over!! WAALAA!
you can use thick or thing headbands whatever your going for!!
hair elastics

and some bobbys (match them to your hair color of course)
and some hairspray to finish it off ofcourse!!

This last style is a FIGHT it style again its pretty much setting your look for the day so the rain/humidity cant ruin it!!!

Twisting or Braiding each side of your hair to the back center of your hair, and pinning with bobbys to secure!! next grab an elastic and make a messy pony, then finish off by pinning the messy pony in a clockwise motion around the elastic i did in my last post!! ;) then Spray with a little hair spray and you are set ! no rainy hair blues here!!! GOOD LUCK!!

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