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I don't know about you but I love watching all award shows!!  Well let me rephrase that...I really just love watching the red carpet event of all award shows...I could take it or leave it on the actually awards!!  Win or loose I just like to be my own little judge of the evening most likely plopped on my couch in my "comfy clothes", no makeup, and something not so healthy in hand (so appropriate of me I know! lol) judgeing them on there hair, makeup, and choice of costume!!  I say costume because lets get honest sometimes it looks more like a halloween costume than a ball gown....but with this awards show... i mean red carpet event (that's pretty much all I watched ;)) I was pleasantly impressed!.. any ways lets get into it!


George looks like hes in his tuxedo jammies...but Stacey dress I'm drooling over!!! I'm so in love with the lace and the hair!! 

I love the shirt/skirt of the dress very elegant and the color is pretty pretty! Her hair looks amaze as well but this pic doesn't do it justice!

Love the dress and color just the right amount of cut out...sometimes they go way over board but with this it still keeps it classy looking...her hair is disappointing though

Sofia looks great in this dress she has an amazing curvy body so whats not to love!

I love the cut of this dress..I just wish that more of the red heads would go with a more warmer tone dress it would look so amazing with there hair and it would give color to there skin!! ;(

Kristen looks stunning!!! i love it all from dress to hair to makeup to clutch!! one of my fav's!

her names Jayma I have no idea who she bad. But I'm loving her look! call me boring but I love the more simple and elegant approaches of the evening!


First of all this dress and color does nothing for her!! It makes me blue just looking at it!!!

I simply just do not like this!! this dress is way to young for her! and all that poof i just think of a down comforter! ;(  I like her braid though!

Seriously!???? What was she thinking this is the Red Carpet....that dress looks like its from Old Navy (no offense to old navy I actually really like old navy sometimes)  But for the red carpet!!! yuck!

K is it me or does it look like she has lingerie on under and the dress is a cut out over it! The cut out doesn't go with the underneath!! I'm not a fan!!

sorry...but I had to share!! 


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