Thursday, February 16, 2012

Finding the BEST hair do. for your face shape!!

Ever wonder...."is my hair style the best hair style for my face shape?!?"
"I want a change and don't quite know what will look best?!"

well wonder no more...
here are some helpful hints, and tips to make sure your hair style is the best for you!!

for a ROUND face like...

Kate Bosworth                             Cameron Diaz

You should go for the layered look to soften your look with face framing, and also if going shorter you should have more of an A-line haircut(sorter in the back and longer in the front), if softens you look straight on...just like Kate Bosworth in the picture above.  Lastly never get straight across bangs it will make your face look scrunched...try a side swept fringe, or middle part!!

For an OVAL face...

Rihanna                                        Kim K.               

Lucky Lucky  gals is all I have to say....If you have an oval face shape you can really try out any hairstyle you want!...notice how Rihanna is always changing her look up.  Short hair looks great on oval face shapes along with longer hair! And if you have killer cheek bones like most ovals do draw attention to them by adding some face framing starting at the cheek bone or had a side wept hitting the cheek bone to draw attention to it! 

For the HEART shaped face....

Reese                                           Jennifer

Experiment with bangs the name implies your face is wider at the top becoming narrow at the chin therefore you can pull off more full bangs having more room the play with them!;) Also a lot of layers and face framing do wonders for heart shape faces!! Adding movement and bounce!

For the SQUARE shaped face...

Jessica                                                          Demi

go for a hair cut that is both layered and soft! Side swept bangs are perfect for the Squared face they soften it....I wouldn't recommend getting straight across bangs because it will make your face look more
 box-ey!  Its all about creating more softer angles to soften the look of a squared look...such as face framing and layers that allow movement, and a fringe that creates a soft look on you face.

here are some tips for the following as well...


Face forehead Zooey Solange

If you have a large forehead, bangs are a very flattering and feminine choice!  Your hair thickness and texture should be considered first! Bangs are hard to pull off if you have super thick or curly hair I wouldn't advise that but try a style with shorter layers at about chin length instead... it will take some of the weight off your hair and give your hair a great shape!!

Need more focus on your EYES not your NOSE?

Face nose SJP Blake

Create volume at the hairline away from the face and go with a side part instead of a full on middle part! Even try styles such as half up half down.

THINK you want straight across bangs!??

try a clip in bang first...or get one to play with that way you don't have to commit to the style but you can  get the look you want!!

Hair Do (Ken Paves extensions company) has them online..or most wig stores carry them now!! there super fun to play with to spice up your hair style!!


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