Wednesday, March 7, 2012

2 minutes & you are set!!

K so sorry it has taken me a couple days to get this up!!! 

lets get to it!


What you will need

back comb

bobby pins

hair elastics

bristle brush

hair spray

SO first off my hair has already been curled from yesterday, so my pony tail will be a little fuller than if it were just straight! You can leave your hair straight if you want or you can throw some curls in before you pull it up!! Up to you! Either way is super cute!!

**disclaimer**my camera is the pits :( bare with! ;)

First step take a section of hair like the pic below and back comb it from behind then spray with hair spray

continue taking sections back (like a Mohawk) back coming each section 

 Till that top portion of your head has all be backed comb in sections, then stop at the curve of you head like shown in the picture

now comb it back with a bristle brush like pic below 
 now spray with hair spray

now take your elastic and take your hair into a high pony like pic below

once in pony i always take my fingers and pull on the hair like pic. shown below, to create more fullness on top of head

now take a small piece of hair from side of pony and wrap around pony and bobby pin to hide the elastic

so you will end up with pic below

I always grab my pony and pull it out like below and spray with hair spray so it will look more full

pic doesn't do it justice my camera is just a dud  


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