Wednesday, March 28, 2012

chap, chappy, chapped lips !!


so my lips have been incredibly CHAPPED this past week!! ;(( nothing I hate more!  So after going through a whole tube of chap lips were still left DRY!!! so frustrating! ......I was just about to do a scrub on them...when I saw this lil' guy out of the corner of my eye!

The only reason we have this is for the MAN'S (my hubby's) tattoos! He has to put it on after he gets them done!  So that got me thinking I knew it was for dry skin so I thought what the HELL! and put it on my lips right before bed!  Well morning came and WOW! was I a happy girl!! My lips were good as knew!! I love it cause you just have to apply at night and it keeps your lips nice and healthy!  Cause who has time or  remembers for that matter to constantly re-apply all day long!? I sure don't!

EVERYONE SHOULD USE THIS if they have chapped issues of the lips!!!! ;)

GO get some AQUAPHOR! its SUPER!!!!!

happy Wednesday!!
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