Tuesday, April 17, 2012


I have one thing on my mind with the rising heat temperatures.....

and that would be anything to do with this...

ALL I wanna do in the summer is be by a POOL!  

Which leads me to think about my hair in the upcoming months and all the "weather" its going to be taking a part of!   I wanna make sure it is ready!! So here are a few tips on how to get your hair ready for those summer months!

Before summer starts, get a haircut....even if its just a trim!  Split ends might go unnoticed during the winter, but the summer sun will DEF. shine some light...on those un-kept ends!  PLUS it will freshen up your look!

If you have always wanted to get your hair highlighted, summer is the season for you!  Make sure you ask your stylist for natural-looking color, and ask for several colors...it looks softer and more natural.  Bleach blonde highlights don't look good on everyone!  So try a combination of caramels, golds, or even rose gold to make your 'look' more of a sunkissed one!

With that heat comes along no motivation to add more heat to your hair! Such as your hair dryer!  So try some new products...like a beach spray product to add "beach" like texture with out all the work! here are  few of my favorite

Sugar Shock by TIGI

Wool Shake by Redken

Surf Spray by Bumble & Bumble

The sun, the pool water, the beach water...all suck moisture from your hair!  Leaving if dry and lifeless! Its always important to re hydrate your locks!  I highly advise going to see a professional for a deep conditioner treatment!! While following up with good shampoos & conditioners at home!  Here are a few of my favorite deep conditioners for at home use!

Penetraitt by Sebastian

Masquintense by Kerastase

Nature's Rescue by Redken

Conditioner Intense by Moroccan oil

Sunscreen for your hair?!!? ....YES! Just like your skin your hair needs some protection from those harsh rays just as much!  Here are a few of my favorite "hair" sunscreens :)

Sun Sparkling Shield by Redken 

Protective Hair Veil by Aveda

Sun Therapy Protective Sun Milk by Joico

If sun sprays aren't your thing!....make sure to grab a HAT!

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