Wednesday, April 25, 2012

summer hair..

In the summer in AZ I want my hair 1 way and 1 way only!!


It is to DANG HOT to wear it down!!! (well maybe sometimes but you get the idea) are a few of my favorite ways to wear my hair in the SUMMER!!


summer hair
messy pony with scarf

summer hair
braided to a bun

summer hair tutorials.
bun on top

great summer hair

Summer Hair
braid to a pony tail

Summer hair
fish tail

summer hair
braid and tuck it under

bun on top with elastic head band

middle part with braids on each side to end in a messy bun

pinning hair under to make it look like you cut it short

hair all back with no part into a low messy bun

and of course just a simple pony 
with hair wrapped around the elastic to make it look a little more 'done'

happy up styling!

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