Wednesday, June 6, 2012

beach goddess waves

ummm wow where did May go!?! looks like I've been gone awhile!! sorry sorry!  I've been busy busy then one day turns into a couple..which turns into a week... then a month....ya get the idea!:( BUT  I  pinky promise to get back into the groove of posting posts! ;)

When I was a little girl I always dreamed of being a beach girl! I wanted to LIVE in my swim suit, have the sun kiss my skin...  feel the sand between my toes...and have that PERFECT 'beach hair'!   But the reality of it was I was thousands and thousands of miles away from any form of the salty beach water!  So my parents pool became my sanctuary!  Lathering up with tanning oil, soaking my hair in sun in, shortly became my summer ritual!  I would spend hours in front of the mirror trying to perfect my 'wanna be' beach hair! but nothing!   By accident one evening I went to bed with semi wet hair that was unbrushed... I woke up to find  my PERFECT beach hair!

I've perfected my ways over the years of achieving the perfect beach waves!  I still do not brush my hair once out of the shower...because think about surfer comes out of the beach and brushes their hair they let it air dry...which creates those soft subtle waves!  So once out of the shower no brushing just towel dry.  Section your hair as best can with out totally coming it out into 4 sections...ear to ear...then from top of forehead to top of braid each section into a loose braid....and go to bed with them in.  

In the morning take out the braids  plug in a 1 inch - 1 1'4 inch barrel curling iron and throw a few curls ...were need be! 


Then mist with wonderful, amazing product over your locks and VOILA!!!! 


PS.  you can do this with all LENGTHS of hair!! 


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