Wednesday, August 29, 2012

FABULOUS hair updates to try this FALL!

Sooo I get bored easy...especially with my hair!  I always am changing it up with my color and my day to day style.  So I am always looking for fun and new things to do with it!  Here are some hair ideas I found that I had to share!

some times 'less is more' no?  try adding a few small braids to your hair when it is down instead of just adding one big one

Tired of your limp long hair....try this cut! 
"The LOB" looks great on anyone
Hair Update Idea

For Fall its all about going a few shades darker, 
adding a few more low lights.  Warming up those blondies out there.  
This is an awesome look to try....instead of lighting up your ends (ombre) 
try deeping your crown and mid lengths to get the look worn 
by Rachel Bilson 'Queen of Ombre'!
Hair Update Idea

Vintage waves anyone?  Loving this look
Hair Update Idea

Sleek it up!
Hair Update Idea

Fake a BoB!  Pin your hair under to give the effect you CHOPPED it!
(Will do a tutorial on this one soon)
Hair Update Idea

Still loving the BRAIDS!!  Try wearing your hair half up with one braid on each side!
Hair Update Idea

SWITCH up your part!
 Are you a side or middle kinda girl?!  
Well whatever you are try the opposite! ;)
Hair Update Idea

Wear an eye catching headband for instant style
Hair Update Idea

Top Knot fan???? I know I am!! Try the MESSY BUN
 instead for more of a casual look!
Hair Update Idea

Want a FLAIR of fun?  Try adding a pop of color!  
You can actually use inexpensive bright eye shadows to get this look! 
 Just make sure you seal it in with hairspray so it doesn't get on your clothes
Hair Update Idea

Try updating the ever so popular side bun with a SIDE BUN BRAID
Hair Update Idea

Going out for a girls night out!?  Try this fun look!!
Hair Update Idea

HELLO 80'S!!!  BIG hair is so fun!! Add volumizing 
spray and mouse throw some curls in with a curling iron and you are set!!
Hair Update Idea

Happy Hair Experimenting!!! ;)
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