Wednesday, August 1, 2012

"my guide" to perfect bridal hair!

With wedding season right around the corner I thought I would share some useful info for all those brides out there!  First off wedding trials are a must HAVE! They give you (the bride) a chance at a run through so you know exactly what you will be getting on your day of! 


a dirty head of hair
...not super greasy dirty
more like the ....
 "hey I washed my hair the night before".. type of dirty
super clean hair is slippery...and hard to work with.

a hair cut that will work with what "type" of style you want
if the styles you are loving have a fringe (bang) ...then you should probably set up a hair cut appt. before hand

wedding hairstyles bangs

or the styles have face framing pieces..

wedding hairstyles bangs to have a cut before on your trail you can get exactly what you have in mind.

bring all your hair accessories and veil...

Tips For a Smooth Hair Trial :  wedding hair trial 24 2

Wearing a button down or zip up shirt is going to make things a whole lot easier when your trying to change out....(maybe not on your trial but def. on your day of)

Tips For a Smooth Hair Trial :  wedding hair trial 34 3

did i mention PICTURES!!
 you can honestly never come in with too MANY pictures!! 
as a stylist we love this!! It helps you communicate to us (the stylist) exactly what you are wanting!

Tips For a Smooth Hair Trial :  wedding hair trial 44 4

don't be bashful

Bashful - One of the Seven Dwarfs

if you hate it...say so!! 
if there are certain things you are not loving speak up!
 ...maybe wait till you see the finished product if doing some up style because they can look a little scary in the process!! 
but if you are NOT happy don't be shy.!!
...the stylist wants you to love your hair...and wants it to make you feel beautiful!
it wont hurt our feelings PROMISE! 

make sure that there is a head count for all the girls getting there hair done on the day'll help everything run smoothly..and help your stylist stay on it can make for a stress free..smooth sailing kinda day!!


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