Monday, November 19, 2012

40th American Music Awards!!!

AMA Fashion 2012

So I have to admit that I was super disappointed in the awards show last night!! Maybe because I was comparing it to the CMA's that was SO amazing with there ever so cute co hosts!! I'm starting to think I just like award shows with co hosts, it makes it feel more organized and put together!  Last night just seemed all over the place with not that many GREAT performances!  Oh well I still watched it ;)  Here's a couple of my "favorites" of the night!

Taylor Swift
I gotta say this leading lady blew me away last night!  I love her whole look...Can we all just take a moment and check out that amazing updo!! (this pic doesn't do it justice)  This would be an amazing bridal look for all you brides out there that are still unsure of a hairstyle!!  I love that she is dressing more like her age!  Plus she has amazing legs that she needs to show the world every once in a while!
Taylor Swift Dress AMA 2012

Carrie Underwood
Purple is definitely her color!  Then again any color would be her color!  She is so beautiful and seems to have stayed grounded through out her success!  I love how she thanked God last night for giving her passion for music and gifting her with her voice!  GROUNDED.

Carly Rae Jepsen
How adorable is this girl!  She looks stunning!

I love her the end.  No but seriously I loved her performance last night so is a total rock star and she is so gorgeous and I love how she always says it like it is!  Plus her husband is a hottie and her daughters name is Willow how could we not love her!  You go PINK!

50 cent
Like a BOSS!  And a trend setter, checker shirts with suits are suppose to be really popular in weddings to come!

Lucy Hale
Cute as a button.  I want her necklace!

Heidi Klum
Is it just me or does she get more stunning with age!!  What ever her secret is its working!! Amazing!

the end.

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