Friday, November 2, 2012

the 46th CMA Awards


I love seeing people all dolled up! Especially Celebrities....because there options are endless in the spending department so it always gets me curious on what they pick for there "look" of the evening!

Picture Perfect
pretty sure the words "shes so gorgeous" left my lips every time the camera was on her!
 ps. can I have your CMA wordrobe??

Radiant in Red
sometimes I wish I was girlfriends with these celebrities or there hair stylist..either would work....My advice to Taylor would be grow those bangs out girl!!! she has had them since forever!!

Exquisite Style
I love her ever since I went to her concert when I was in 5th grade.  But I feel like her hair hasn't looked the same every since she ditched the advice..add some highlights in there this color washes her out!

Metallic Beauties
I think these two shared the same eyeliner!  Less is More ladies!!

Ravishing In Red
How great does Lauren Alaina look?? you go girl!

Glitzy Gown
no complaints....very elegant on the hair and makeup! 

jana kramer shawn johnson cmas 2012 06
I didn't even know who this was until last night...but I love her style!!

until the next awards show my friends....

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