Tuesday, December 18, 2012

MUST HAVE: Hair Powders


"GOOD things come in SMALL packages"  
And do they ever!! 
These little gems will change your world!

Have you tried hair powders yet?

Well if you haven't you are surely missing OUT!

It's pretty much MAGIC!  The powder to semi liquid consistency adds instant texture and volume to your roots.  Once your hair is styled section off like you are going to back comb your hair and before doing so sprinkle a little powder straight from the bottle to your roots (a little goes along way) then back comb!  Your world just changed forever!  ....Slightly serious, you'll see what I mean  :)  This product can give the most lifeless hair volume.  Don't believe me?  Try it for yourself!  Best part about this product is its re-workable ability.  Going out somewhere after a long day and your hair is not looking so "I just got ready worthy"?  Simple solution just smudge your roots with your fingers where you applied the hair powder earlier re-backcomb and Voila!  Good as New

Here are a few of my favorite brands offering this product.

Big Sexy Hair
Powder Play

Schwarzkopf OSiS Dust It Mattifying Powder
Schwarzkopf Osis
Dust it

Powder Grip 03

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