Tuesday, March 19, 2013

HOW TO: Side Twist


I thought I would share a 'How To' on this cute and simple hair style.  Perfect for the warm...and well in our case (Arizonians) HOT HOT summer weather that will soon be upon us!  I don't like doing my hair in the summertime.  There, I said it!...let me re phrase that.  I like doing my hair in different kind of styles that don't include it being down.... its way to hot to bust out the blow dryer, plain and simple, I'd rather come up with as many cute and simple ways to style my hair.  Plus it gives my hair a break from the blow dryer.  It's a win win!

What you need for this style:

Bobby Pins (preferably the ones that are the same color as your hair.) (check Sally's)
A Clip
A Clear Hair Elastic
Hair Spray

I find this style works best on day old hair or maybe 2 days old depending on how greasy your hair gets.  More grip to your hair the better.

Part your hair in a side part.
Clip up all the hair in front of your ear on the side of your part with the most hair.
(the side you just parted to)
For later use.  Like the pic below.

Sweep all your hair over to the same side you just clipped up.
Just like you would for a low side pony style.
Add a bobby pin or a couple depending on how thick your hair is to the
 base of your neck in the back to secure it to the side.

Section your hair into 2 pieces.  Twist both towards your face.

Twist the section of hair that is on top over the section of hair that is on the bottom.  See pic.

Continue twisting in that motion all the way to the end of your hair.  
Don't worry if your hair sticks out everywhere.  
This is a messy look after all :) Secure with an elastic.  
Tuck the end piece in the elastic so it forms a loop..

Drop down the front section you clipped up.  
Separate that section of hair into 3 pieces.  Twist the front piece of hair in a motion 
going away from your face.

Grab the piece of hair behind the first twist, and add it to the twist.  
Continue twisting away from your face.  See pic below.

Add the last section of hair and continue twisting away from your face. 
Until you run out of hair to twist.

Secure with a bobby pin where the start of your side pony starts.

Go back through and mess it up a bit.  Best method is rub your hair in
between you thumb and fingers like you are trying to get something off your finger tips.

Finish with some hair spray.
and  VIOLA!

(a little tip::: you can add as many bobby pins to certain areas if to much hair has fallen out)


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