Thursday, March 7, 2013

Side Messy Knots

Side Messy Knots
 I love a good messy hair style!  I don't  understand the point in having to take ALL this time to achieve a "messy" look!  Isn't the point of a messy style to be quick and easy yet wearable, and of course super adorbs?  ...ya that's what I thought!  No one wants to spend waste less hours (k maybe not hours....but a whole lotta minutes)  on there hair only for it to look like they spent 5 minutes!! That's where I love to use  the term "Good Messy" of my many word jambles (I know its jumble but i like the way jamble sounds better kinda like ramble which I have a tendency to do as well) I make up words, all the time...its like a curse or ....a gift...who's to say. ;) anyways...

good messy
   :a messy hairstyle that looks like you spent a whole lotta minutes on, but really only spent about 5-10 minutes.

This little here style is quick and EASY!


clear hair elastics 
bobby pins
hair spray

You can start off with a side part or a middle part doesn't matter.  On one side of your part take a section of hair from your ear to your part line, divide that section into 2 pieces and tie a knot, like the picture below.  (if you have layers in your hair or super soft hair you might want to add a bobby pin to the base of each knot to help secure the style.)

This whole style is like french braiding, but with knots.  Now add some hair that is left out from one side to your existing knot like the picture below.

Add hair from the other side of the knot to the existing knot, like picture below. Then tie another knot.  Continue this pattern till you reach the nape(the back of your neck).

You should have something that looks like this, once you reach your last knot at the nape secure it with an elastic like shown in the pic below.

Do the exact same thing on the other side of your part, secure with elastic at the end.

At the nape of your neck where both  sides connect make a messy bun with an elastic and secure with bobby pins.  You can go back through and lightly pull on each side of the knots to give them a more 
"worn-in" style.  Finish with hair spray.

Here's a recap for you:

Have fun and remember to embrace messy hair!!
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