Monday, April 8, 2013

Best Hair @ the ACM Awards

I feel like there is always another awards show popping up! 

...kind of hard to keep them all straight ...

....and that's just for country music!  

Do I mind?  Not one bit!  

 I love to see the stars get all dolled up in there CA::Jillllllian dollar dresses and insanely priced hair styles.  So I still watch no matter how many there are. :)

Theme of the night definitely was::: Hair all down!


Faith Hill
Love her hair color.  And Soft waves.

Kimberly Perry
Love her hair.  She is so adorable. Perfect example of using your natural wave/curl for volume and going back through with and iron to give it a more loose/wavy look!

Natural looking color and pretty curls.

Carrie Underwood
Its hard to not be a fan.  But not of the dress.  pretty soft updo!!

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